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New Caledonia's Lagoon

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New Caledonia Beaches

New Caledonia's Loyalty Islands have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
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Above and Below Scenics

Unique over/underwater scenics of New Caledonia's magnificent coral reefs.
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Scenic Lagoon Views

The beauty of the New Caledonia lagoon islands from the sky
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Amedee Island Marine Reserve

Visit the Amedee Island Marine Reserve for a day's dreaming in paradise.
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New Caledonia Corals

Enjoy the breath holding beauty of New Caledonia's coral reefs
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New Caledonia Fish

Enjoy swarms of brilliant tropical fish in New Caledonia's marine reserves.
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Sea Turtles

Swim with rare sea turtles in New Caledonia's Marine Reserves.
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Underwater Scenics

Enjoy New Caledonia's Coral reefs with spectacular underwater scenic panoramas.
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Isle of Pines Beaches

The Isle of Pines Beaches: soft white sand and crystal clear lagoon water.
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New Caledonia Seascapes

Enjoy the mirror bright beauty of New Caledonia seascapes.
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Snorkel with us

Enjoy a virtual reality dive on New Caledonia reefs with our panoramic underwater images.
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New Caledonia Sea Birds

The New Caledonia has special lagoon island sea bird sanctuaries.
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Humpback Whales

Humpback Whales visit the New Caledonia lagoon in the winter to give birth to their young.
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Noumea Beaches

Anse Vata Beach and Baie des Citrons Beach are right next to Noumea's best hotels.
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Sailing Paradise

Sailing the lagoon is simply glorious.
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Underwater Panoramas

A snorkeller and a shark circle a coral pinnacle in the lagoon.
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Lagoon Island Beaches

The small islands in New Caledonia's Lagoon are surrounded by soft white sand beaches.
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The world's largest coral reef lagoon and a World Heritage Site

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